Meet the Club: Craig Whyteside

Published by Julie Warnock, Sep 30, 2018 @ 15:56pm

  1. Name Craig Whyteside
  1. Current role(s) at Whitemoss Senior Athlete, Web Admin, Committee Member
  1. History with Whitemoss AAC I joined Whitemoss back in 2005, my sister Julie had already been running for a few years and I wanted to try it out and ended up getting hooked on middle distance.
  1. Favourite sportsperson Its got to be Mo Farah, he is an amazing athlete. To even be as half as good as he is would be an absolute blessing.
  1. Favourite sporting moment Watching Germany absolutely destroy Brazil in the 2014 World Cup Semi Final.
  1. Favourite pastime Other than the obvious running, I enjoy working on my computer either 3D modelling or playing games with my friends.
  1. Favourite movie or book As a comic book fan, The Dark Night was amazing and is one of the best comic book movies ever.
  1. What would you put into Room 101? Slow walkers, I mean c’mon how can people walk so slow its just not natural.


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