Parent helpers needed!

Published by Craig Whyteside, Mar 23, 2016 @ 16:01pm

Parents, guardians, aunts, uncles....we need YOU!

Whitemoss were fortunate that at the start of 2015, a good number of parents stepped forward to help out on training nights which is greatly appreciated. However the club are once again needing lots of parents and guardians to help out.

The coaches at Whitemoss pride themselves on delivering a high standard of coaching which is helped by keeping ensuring the number of coaches/helpers is suitable to the number of athletes there coaching. Currently, we are meeting this across a number of groups but there are still a few groups where we need support to achieve best practice. This is particularly needed for when coaches are ill, on holiday etc.

Additionally, we currently have a growing waiting list which we are holding off with until more helpers step forward. We really do need the support of parents to keep the club strong and help it to grow. I urge you to take a step forward and lend a hand. Even if you can only make once a week or once every two weeks that will certainly help. If the club can get around 10 parents to step up in the coming weeks, the difference that will make to the club will be enormous.

You do not need any experience and most of the coaches currently at the club started off in the exact same position as many of you reading this with no athletics knowledge at all. Speak to the coaches at the club and they will tell you how great it is once you actually start out and they'll tell you how they get a huge buzz from it. Putting out cones or raking a sand pit is the simple tasks that you can do to make a session run that much smoother. Plus if you wish to do more than that there are plenty of opportunities to upskill yourself.

Two previous messages have been sent out and unfortunately there was no response. I encourage you to consider how much the club relies on parents and ask yourself if you can help out for a couple of hours per week.

Contact Lee Wilson: or a club coach to offer your support.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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