Alexander Thomson fundraising

Published by Craig Whyteside, May 06, 2016 @ 16:04pm

Alexander Thomson I'd fundraising for special Olympics 2017 Squad . If anyone would like to sponsor him, see the link below and please put 'Alexander Thomson' in comments.



Alexander joined Whitemoss dec2014 after playing rugby for 5 years with Hamilton bulls,he hasn't looked back

Alexander is currently going through classification forT20 with UKSA and INAS which allows Alexander to compete in Uk, European and world championships.
Alexander has been selected to compete in Special Olympics 2017 in Sheffield ,which is only partially funded.The Athletics squad have to raise £15000 towards team kit transport etc.
This Event is only held every 4 years and Alexander is proud to be asked to compete at age of 14years.
T20 classification Alexander is ranked in top 10 in Uk from 100m-1500m and number 1 for age.
Any sponsorship would be great fully appreciated from Alexander and all at Scottish Special Olympics athletics squad.

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