Want to Volunteer

Whitemoss are a club that rely on the commitment and dedication of volunteers to help provide our athletes with the facilities, equipment and coaching that they deserve.

As a club we are always on the look out for new volunteers and at present there is a strong demand for new volunteers to come forward. There are many different roles that volunteers can fill including; coaching, taking registers, team managing, organising events etc. Additionally if you have any particular skills that the club can make use of please let us know - no matter how unrelated you may think they are.

Volunteers are well looked after and supported to gain experience within athletics. Funding is made available to our volunteers to help up skill themselves once they have shown a period of commitment within the club. In 2014 as a thank you to our volunteers, Whitemoss gave out many track and field tickets for the Commonwealth Games as a small thank you for all the hard work volunteers have put in over the years.

If you would like to help the club but just haven't taken that step out yet then please do contact the email below. If you want to help out twice a week or just once a month then we want to meet you!


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